Igor Stolyarov
Marketing, sales, PR
More than 25 years of managerial experience in various industries in multinational and Russian companies in Russia and abroad, in matrix, flat and vertically integrated structures. Focus on effective management of the processes of structural business units, the project system and the matrix structure, brand building, start-ups and cross-functional interaction.

Igor has held senior positions at Duracell of the Gillette Group (Commercial Director), Gillette International Group of Companies CIS and Baltia (Territorial Director), MTS (Vice President, Sales and Service), Organizing Committee Sochi 2014 (Senior Vice President), Infront Media AG (plenipotentiary), Eventica Sport (CEO), CPC (CEO).

He teaches at RMOY, MGIMO, ANH.
Igor was awarded a commemorative medal and diploma of the President of the Russian Federation, an official statement of gratitude from the MOC and the OKR for his role in preparation for the Olympics, a thank you letter from the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation for organizing and registering the RosNano Group of Companies. Twice recognized as the "Best Commercial Director" by a chapter of the Association of Managers.
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