Sergey Doshchenko
Digital IT. Strategy. Execution
Sergey has more than 25 years of experience in researching and applying mature and innovative information technologies for launching new businesses and improving the efficiency of major international and Russian companies in many industries.

As an Executive partner of Gartner Russia, Sergey was responsible for the strategic advisory service for the portfolio of more than 25 companies in the financial services, transportation, telecommunications sectors as well as retail, including e-com.
Before joining Gartner as a consulting director, executive advisor and research analyst in 2014, participated in many technology businesses in retail payments, software and business services based on commercial open and managed IT services business model.

Actively involved in research and mentoring work for a number of start-ups and Russian and international entrepreneurs. Regularly delivers public and private presentations on the topic of digital IT, strategy, and execution of innovative operating and business models.
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